Green coffee producers module
Towards a strategic marketing plan

Analytic phase

  • Your current quality of different available coffee types compared to other coffees of same origin or similar type.

  • Your current prices and contract conditions.

  • Your current clients within wider international market.


  • Clear positioning of the available coffee products with their potential sustainability certification  within the international market of coffee.

  • Understanding of current client base within the international market of coffee.

  • Baselines for strategic planning:

    • Differentiation in green coffee types, qualities and certifications  and future potential in terms of market

    • Which type of market/clients can be approached with which type of coffee?

    • List of potential new clients

    • Concrete action plan for a proper approach


  • Preparation phase

  • Interactive 4 -day workshop including

    • Cupping sessions where own coffees will be compared to other similar or relevant coffees

  • Relevant market info

  • Reporting

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To Retailers and Coffee brands

Advise in issues underneath based on thorough knowledge of the coffee product, production and origin context.

  • Follow up quality of end products, cfr coffee testings

  • Independent advice on Sustainability planning

  • Independent advice to take steps towards more sustainability within Supply Chain

  • Independent monitoring, reporting and evaluation of coffee projects, Coffee Sustainability Initiatives