Green coffee


Physical defects, screening, moisture, sensorial evaluation, based on the CQI protocols (Coffee Quality Institute, Q-grading). This evaluation system makes the appreciation of coffee as objective as possible.


Today this system is widely used right across the world. The sensorial evaluation of the green coffee is complemented by its physical analysis (moisture, defects, bean size ...). This results in a more complete understading of the quality of the coffee. 


Roasted coffee

specific evaluation system is designed, and adjusted to the specific type of coffee product.

The focus is again on the organoleptic characteristics of the product. Some parameters which have a direct impact on aroma and flavour (such as roast colour and residual oxygen) are also determined:

  • general evaluation and description of a specific roasted coffee or of a full range to help make the right buying decision;

  • regular analyses of roasted coffee products to guarantee consistency over time;

  • aging tests, packaging tests, etc.


In our coffee testings we are guided by the following principles:


  • to be impartial: cuppings are performed blindly against points of reference (when possible) and without prejudices. All coffees are given a fair chance;

  • to be strict on procedures;

  • to employ Controlled Parameters such as water composition, temperature, extraction time etc;

  • to be independent and to act in confidentiality.