Intensive: 2 x 5hr. Green Coffee/Cupping

Since 1.5 years, Coffeelab Independent is organizing super intensive green Coffee Training with plenty of cupping.


Beside cupping practice the training is giving a broad understanding on relation green coffee quality, production, market, prices...

  • The basics of coffee chemistry.

  • Tastes and aromas, theory and practice.

  • Introduction to the cupping principles and the SCAA coffee cupping evaluation and scoring.

  • Evaluation of green coffees with many different coffee Profiles from many different origins/regions; practice, practice practice…

  • Relation production, quality, market, prices (green coffee), production.

For who?
  • Producers

  • Consultants, professionals involved in coffee projects

  • Professionals involved in financing institutes...

  • (Starting) coffee professionals, baristas, coffee lovers…

  • Getting to know the cupping principles and basics.

  • Being able to evaluate coffees in an objective way.

  • Getting an understanding of the background of a coffee: processing, altitude, region, coffee varieties, market, pricing

  • 2x5 hours of training (day 1: 13:00-18:00; day 2: 8:30-13:30)

  • Min 4 persons

  • 250 EUR/person (excl. VAT/TVA/BTW)

  • Dutch/English/French

Extra strong: 4 days Green coffee training

Combining coffee theory with lots of cupping makes this training interactive, intensive, instructive and gives producers a very good understanding of their position in the world of coffee qualities and coffee market.


This unique concept proved to work very well as strong initiation on cupping (Qgrading, R-grading) and at the same time enlightening on coffee quality in relation to production, varieties, pricing, market...

Beside lots of cupping practice the following topics will be discussed all in relation to quality and cuppings:

  • The basics of Coffee Chemistry

  • Tastes and aroma, theory and practice

  • The cupping principles and protocols

  • Coffee types, varieties, processing

  • Market basics, sources of market information, ICO classification, differentials, contracting

  • Certification schemes


For who?

Representatives of producer coops, coffee projects in origin


The training is organized on demand and in origin.


‘Your training was such an eye-opener’

John Nuwagaba, General Manager Ankole Coffee Producers Cooperative

‘I have learned so many new aspects of coffee’

Anna Kiemen, Coffee manager, Fairtrade Germany