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Raf Van den Bruel started CoffeeLab Independent™ in 2014 based on years of experience in sourcing, quality assessment and sustainability of green and roasted coffee (Q-grader since 2012). In 2022, after many taste evaluations and consulting assignments, CoffeeLab Independent was moved to the same building as RAF COFFEE's micro roastery. Since 2021, Adeline Vandorpe, Q-grader with experience in green coffee purchasing and product management, also joined the lab. Furthermore, depending on the assignment, we work together with other experts (e.g. Christoph Grasser regarding business development, Peter Kettler regarding the U.S. market) to achieve the best results. 

An independent position in the sector

CoffeeLab Independent is a centre of expertise for coffee; from analysis to tasting trainings, to consultancy. Our extensive experience in the specific and complex coffee sector made independence and neutrality the basic principles of CoffeeLab Independent. You can always count on an objective and professional approach.

A focus on coffee, and the customer

Coffee production and the coffee market have very specific and complex dynamics. Because we want to deliver thorough results, we focus only on the coffee sector. Our broad experience in the sector (in production countries, in the green coffee market and in the consumer market) invariably provides a refreshing approach and solid results.  Our independence ensures that the long-term interests of our clients are a priority.



Raf Van den Bruel

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Adeline Vandorpe

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