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CoffeeLab Independent™ provides extensive physical and flavour analyses of both green coffee and roasted coffee products.

All analyses are based on the procedures and standards of the CQI (Coffee Quality Institute) and take place in a fully equipped lab. We always respect the following principles:

  • Complete neutrality: blind taste tests against reference samples, without any prejudices.

  • Procedures are applied very strictly and parameters such as water composition, temperature and extraction time are repeatedly checked.

  • Assured independence and confidentiality.




A partial (organoleptic only) or a complete analysis (physical and organoleptic evaluation) of a sample of green coffee includes:

  • physical analysis:

    • defect count (SCA defect classification method),

    • screening (14-15-16-17-18),

    • color determination (Neuhaus Neotec Colortest 2),

    • moisture determination (Sinar capacitance and Kern moisture meter).

  • organoleptic analysis:

    • arabica: SCA procedures (Q-grading),

    • robusta: Q-Robusta grading procedures

    • In case of defect (1/5 cups), frequency of defect will be determined by extra cupping of 10 cups.

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Samples of 350 gr green coffee, properly packed and labelled.


Shipping address:

CoffeeLab Independent

Raf Van den Bruel

Striemenbergstraat 13A

9040 Gent, Belgium

Results (in PDF, by email) are available within 5 working days.


  • 150 EUR/sample for a full analysis (excl. VAT and shipping costs).

  • 125 EUR/sample for a partial analysis (organoleptic only) (excl. VAT and shipping costs).

  • 5% discount from analysis of 4 samples (in 1 shipment).

  • For a continuous, systematic analysis and follow-up of your samples, an appropriate offer will be made.




CoffeeLab Independent performs taste analyses on roasted coffee products. This is based on the precise needs of the client, usually against reference samples and in combination with an evaluation of taste related parameters (roast colour, moisture content, residual oxygen ...).

We provide:

  • Ad hoc analyses (e.g. in case of a production or packaging problem, shelf life tests, packaging analyses, taste descriptions …).

  • Continuous quality monitoring for your company/organization (e.g. to guarantee a constant taste of products over time).

  • Benchmarking of your product or coffee range: blind taste tests (ideally with customer participation), with reference samples and report.

Depending on the client's request, a customized proposal is made and a consistent and accurate evaluation system is determined.

20220407_IMG_9212_Jasper Van der Linden.jpg


Roasted coffee samples, properly packed and labelled.


Shipping address:

CoffeeLab Independent

Raf Van den Bruel

Striemenbergstraat 13A

9040 Gent, Belgium

Prices depend on the type of analysis/assignment. A customized proposal will be prepared.

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